the marmot in my tub, to use the parlance of our times

in my first post i recall saying i didn’t know if this blog was coming from the I AM or Wendy or what. that’s wrong. I knew. I was bullshitting myself. When I AM, I know it more than i know anything else. When i’m awake, I know it. When someone’s “awake”, so to speak, ok, it’s known. It’s known fully and completely. If you’re wondering if you’re (as they say on the spiritual street) “awake” or “asleep”, you’re asleep. Now, granted, we’re all awake,really, but we just don’t know it. We don’t know what we are, most of the time. It’s there, it’s obvious, but identity is attached to personhood. That’s “asleep”.

I just wanted to correct that earlier post. Radical honesty is Truth. Incl. being radically honest with oneself. I was just feeling like I wanted to share, but didn’t want to come off as “the teacher” or “the guru-wannabe”. That’s mostly why I haven’t written about this stuff before. When I’m spinning a story about Truth, I’m not living it. My awareness is in the story, which is dead, over, done. I don’t want to lay claims to knowing anything at all. In a nanosecond it could be proven false. Or the truth could deepen, rendering the earlier story moot. I also don’t want to attach in any way to an identity of “one who knows” People like that make me want to puke. Obviously I’m so in resistance to that idea bcos some part of “me” likes it. Tough shit, it’s all gotta go.


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